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A 501c3 dedicated to making the impossible, PAWSsible.

As long-existing members of the pet community we have seen firsthand the struggles that average families get put into in when an emergency occurs. We have seen a family's first dog, to whom they've taken the best possible care to get a hold of a stray sock and need exploratory surgery. We have seen the elderly woman whose children have grown and her last ounce of companionship comes from a cat who was diagnosed as a diabetic and her social security check is stretched so thin that an additional expense like that isn’t an option. Being able to create a nonprofit organization that can help members of our community keep their family whole is our mission. Pure and Simple. Many of our community members who have been faced with such struggles have reached out, asking how they can give back, wanting to pay it forward in a sense. By starting Prescott Pet Project we can provide them with an appropriate, legal, and local way to do so. 


Not only are we involved in the pet community but most of us are parents. In the county that we live in, Yavapai, a quarter of the children are what is called “food insecure” which means that they do not know where their next meal will be coming from. Through our Prescott's Pet Project we will also help to enrich the lives of these children. Children, who at such a young age have carried burdens that no one in a first world country should never endure. We, who have come together for Prescott's Pet Project believe “The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are children and animals”. If we are able to provide shelter from the storm that is their life, our mission will have been accomplished. 


As a non - profit we would like to build our organization initially on donations. Once funds are established we will be creating fundraising projects for community member’s humans and animals alike. Last year our community faced a very serious threat of wildland fires. Many of our friends and family were placed into the Red Cross shelter and pets distributed through Animal Disaster Services. Unfortunately when disaster struck the time to prepare had passed. Many families did not know if they’d have a home to go back to. By creating Prescott's Pet Project we’d have the ability to be able to provide supportive care to animals displaced in these situations and people left without a home. 


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All donations can be deducted under IRS section 170.

As well as donations under section 2055. 2106 and 2522. 

Donations can also be made via check to Prescotts Pet Project.
They can be mailed to 1318 Iron Springs Rd Prescott AZ 86305. 

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